Today I am gonna share 12 Truths about Network Marketing Business that you need to understand to grow your income.

network marketing business

Very frankly, these 12 truths I learned from Jennifer Schultz who is a member of Game of Network Marketing.

Actually Game of Network Marketing is a Facebook Group hosted by Rob Sperry.

In this group, big leader like Rob Sperry, Ray Higdon, Jessica Pearson, Lisa Grossman, Jessie Lee Ward etc., share their vast knowledge as well as insights which helps to the people who are doing network marketing business.

So without any delay, let’s discuss about 12 truths about Network Marketing business.

1. Investment.

You have to understand that you do need to invest money in your business. This is your own business.

There is no business in the world that survives without financial input.

You will need to spend money upskilling, marketing, advertising, and running your business – phone, expert advisors etc.

But, it is also a true fact that compare to other traditional business, you need less money to invest in Network Marketing business.

2. Show Up.

You do have to show up every week for 10-15 hours at least for 5 years if you wish to create a solid residual income.

Going a week here and a week there without doing your 10 -15 hours is like just not opening the doors to your shop – how will customers come in to buy your products?

Your business is not a diet – you can’t jump on and off when it suits you or doesn’t.

The good news is, of course more hours focused on the right business activity grows your business faster.

3. Skill.

You do have to continuously learn the skill.  Business success relies on mastery of a skill set.

Some of the skills you need to learn are Marketing and Sales Skills and Mentoring/Coaching skills. You need to learn to lead a team of people. Right!

4. Learn To Market.

Your warm market will only get you so far. For some people that is zero – others will have a warm market that gets them to 7 figures… either way at some point, you need to learn to market your product to people you don’t know, who want what you can offer.

5. Overcome Your Negative Belief.

You do need to overcome your negative money beliefs and the worthiness (or lack of) story you keep running on replay inside your head.

There is no amount of poverty that you can acquire that will help you change the world.

Being broke does not make you a nicer person. You will need to give this type of thinking up.

6. Happiness.

Being obsessed with recognition is a never-ending quest for happiness.

Happiness cannot be found in someone else’s approval of you, or in fame, or worship, or glory.

Happiness comes from knowing who you are, what you value and living in alignment with that… in showing up for what is true to you.

Acquiring more shiny things will not make you happy. Got it!

7. Principles.

You do need to understand business and financial principles.

Things like assets/liabilities, income/expenses, return on investment, budgeting and cashflow.

If you don’t act responsibly towards money, more of it is not going to come into your life.

9. Value Obstacles.

You do need to learn to value obstacles. You need to learn to see them as a signpost for learning or a change of direction… not as reason to quit.

10. Challenges.

You will need to understand and plan for the 7 challenges that everyone faces on the road to success.

They are Focus, Motivation, Clarity, Plan, Strategy, Tactics, Feeling like Giving Up.

11. Communication Skills.

You will need to improve your communication skills. Written and oral. Upskill by learning and practice, practice, practice.

12. Fail Fast.

You must be willing to fail fast. Don’t wait to be perfect. Test and measure. Always be in action.

So these are the 12 truths that you need to understand in your Network Marketing Business to grow your income.

Even, you have to understand that there is no ‘easy’ road to multiple six or seven figures in any business, but the roads that do lead there are all paved with a huge work ethic, perseverance, grit, consistency, skill development and personal growth. Right!

Finally, if you got any value, then do share it with your friends. Ok!

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