In this article I will share 12 Facebook Tips to grow your Networking Marketing Business.

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12 Facebook Tips To Grow Networking Marketing Business!

Very frankly, these Facebook tips I learned from Rob Sperry who is a great leader, mentor, trainer and last but not the least he is great a personality as well a great Network Marketer.

As you can see today everybody is using social media platforms actively for their online business as well as Network Marketing Business.

However, I would say, if you’re not using social media platforms for your Network Marketing Business or any other online business then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Mean to say, you’re missing or losing your business or profits that you can make while being on social media platforms.

So I would say make presence of your online business or Network Marketing Business as soon as possible on social media platforms. Ok!

One more thing, before telling you the 11 Facebook tips, I want to bring your notice some facts about social media users so that you can imagine why social media is so important in your Network Marketing Business or online business.


Let’s know the facts about social media users!

You will be shocked to know that Facebook has 1.9 billion active users every month.

Have you ever noticed that?

Again you will be agreed with me that today almost everybody have access to Facebook. I mean everybody right from Child to Adults.

Even you will be shocked to know that people are making Millions of Dollars from Facebook just by using this alone social media platform.

Moving further….

YouTube has 1 billion active users every month.

Twitter has 315 million active monthly users

Instagram has 600 million active monthly users

Snapchat has 7 billion views daily

Google+ has 2.2 billion users

LinkedIn has 467 million users

Pinterest has 100 million monthly active users

As you can see today on the above said social media platforms there are monthly millions or billions active users.

Leaving some people who don’t have any internet access in their village or town, I think today almost everybody has presence on these above said social media platforms right from child to adult.

And from the above facts, you can imagine why it is so important to use these social media platforms for your online business or Network Marketing Business.

Yes! If you can’t make presence of your business to every platforms then make presence of your online business or Network Marketing Business at least on one or two or three social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Ok, without any delay, let’s know what are the 12 Facebook Tips to grow your Network Marketing Business?

1. Friend 5 new people every day and delete 3 to 5 people a day.

Don’t add more than 10 new friends a day or it’ll hurt your visibility. Remember Facebook always rewards popular posts.

Your new friends don’t know you yet so they will not be as interactive.

In other words you want to slowly add friends to make sure you don’t have a complete drop in visibility

2. Go spend 10 minutes liking and commenting on others posts before you post.

There isn’t a set amount of time to spend before posting but the new changes reward those who are active so I spend a good 10 minutes liking and commenting before I post

3. Don’t post more than 3 times a day. If a so called social media expert tells you differently they are outdated.

4. Spread out your posts. Don’t post and then post again an hour later. Now your posts are competing against each other.

Let your post run its course. If a post ends up having a lot of engagement you should consider not posting again that day

5. Use Facebook Messenger Day. Facebook wants to take over Snapchat so the algorithm now rewards those who use Messenger Day

6. Never leave a link in your post unless it is a paid ad. Facebook doesn’t want you leaving their site. Haven’t you ever noticed that your posts with links in them don’t get much traction?

Note: Leave your link in the comments

7. Facebook is cluttered. Unclutter your feed by staying friends with people you like but you don’t care to see their posts.

Click on see first on the people you really want to follow and click close friends on anyone you absolutely love seeing their content (you get up to 30).

Those you click on as close friends will be the one’s you get an instant notification everytime they post

8. Have a well done profile picture and cover photo

This is the first thing people see when they go to your Facebook page. First impressions are important.

New potential friends are much more likely to accept your friend request when you have a sharp looking profile and cover photo

9. Unless you have way too many comments try to reply to everyone who comments on your posts.

This shows appreciation and encourages these same people to comment more.

It also boosts the interaction on your post which then shows your post to more people

10. Be consistent in posting everyday.

While posing your post, be positive, be authentic, be vulnerable, be humorous and be insightful.

Don’t always just share quotes. Share your insights on that quote or topic.

Don’t always share about your business insights. Share your life and who you are! Mix it up and be authentic.

11. Add Emojis to every post.

One study says emojis increase engagement by over 33%

Don’t overdo it though or you’re post will look immature.

12. Don’t copy and paste others content. Facebook punishes you for it.

Now you know the 12 Facebook tips and I would highly recommend you to apply these Facebook tips to grow your Network Marketing Business.

Let me know how did you find these facebook tips?

Yes! If you have any other facebook tips then let me know in the comment below.

Finally, if you like these tips then do me a favour and share this post with your friends or somebody who you know will get benefit. Ok!

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